6 Causes Of Back Acne


6 Causes Of Back Acne

Appearance of acne is unfortunately not limited to only on your face! Acne can develop on several other parts of the body, the most prominent among them being the back. Back acne, sometimes referred to as backne, takes the form of pustules, blackheads or pimples.

It is most common in teenage girls but can also be seen in people over 40 years of age. Listed below are some causes of back acne:

6 Most Common Causes of Back Acne


Genes Cause Of Back Acne

Dermatologists claim that every person is affected by back acne at some point in time of his life. The appearance of these breakouts is more pronounced in people who have a family history of acne. Acne breakout is genetically monitored. For instance, if either of your parents had suffered from acne, the hormones regulating the production of oil by the sebaceous glands in your body will be hyperactive. The genetic component leads to an inflammatory response in every generation that causes acne breakout.

Oil and Dirt

This is the primary cause of back acne. The sebaceous glands located in the back of your body are generally more active than those located in other body parts. Excess sebum on the skin surface makes skin oily and increases the occurrence of acne through the growth of bacteria.

Oil and Dirt Cause Of Back Acne

These microorganisms infect and inflame the skin tissues by the formation of pustules. Sometimes it becomes difficult to clean the back properly. This results in a gradual accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria and dust particles on the back. When dirt mixes with sebum, acne flakes cover the back.

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Hormonal Imbalance

The overproduction of hormones plays a significant role in acne breakout on the back. This occurs mostly during the puberty stage of life. The androgen hormone triggers the production of oil. More oil on the skin surface leads to lifting of the hair follicle shafts so that the pores are exposed.

The oil now enters these pores and completely blocks them. This in turn leads to the development of acne in the form of whiteheads and blackheads. If dirt from the surrounding atmosphere settles on the pores, there is acne in the form of cystic ruptures.

Hormonal Imbalance Cause Of Back Acne

Skin Friction

There are several objects that cause constant friction against the skin surface. Tight clothes, helmets and backpacks are the primary among them. The constant pressure and rubbing against the skin leads to the generation of heat and triggers irritation and inflammation. As one tries to get rid of the irritation by scratching with the nails, it leads to inflammation in the hair follicles and acne breakouts.

Skin Friction Cause Of Back Acne


Excessive sweating produces a chemical on the skin through the mixture of dirt and body salts that exacerbates the development of acne. If you are sweating profusely, dermatologists suggest taking an immediate shower or wiping the body with a clean towel to stop the formation of chemicals. The same salts are also present in sea and swimming pool water. So wash the body with fresh water if you happen to take a dip in pools or the sea.

Sweat Cause Of Back Acne

Sharing Garments and Towels

Do not share clothes and towels with a person suffering from acne. This skin ailment is contagious; it spreads fast.

Sharing Towels Cause Of Back Acne