Causes Of Uterine Cancer


causes of uterine cancer Malignancy that affects the female uterus is known as uterine cancer. A study about this disease reveals that uterine cancer does not arise because of injury caused to the female sexual organs and neither is it contagious. Therefore, contact and injury are definitely not the causes of uterine cancer!

It is however the fourth most common form of cancer affecting a woman. Listed below are some of the most likely causes of uterine cancer in women:

Main Causes Of Uterine Cancer


This type of cancer has been seen mostly in women who have crossed the age of 60. As the body grows older, the mucous membrane of the uterus loses its ability to fight against the microorganisms and toxic substances that enter the body.

Excessive Body Weight

Medical studies have shown that women who have higher body weight are at a higher risk of contracting cancer of the uterus when compared to women who are thin.

Excessive Body Weight

This is because of the fact that excess fat in a woman’s body reacts with other hormones to convert them into the female hormone estrogen. The higher the level of estrogen in old age, the greater the chances of suffering from uterine cancer.


All forms of medicines and drugs, if consumed in excess, lead to side effects in the body. Women should stay away from the drug tamoxifen when nearing their 40s. It leads to an overproduction of the female hormone estrogen in the blood and thus leads to uterine cancer.

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High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

These diseases can be the causes of uterine cancer if they lead to high body weight. As stated earlier, estrogen hormones are detected more in overweight women as compared to their underweight counterparts.

High Blood Pressure

Medical reports show that a woman who loses weight due to diabetes does not contract diabetes. However, a woman who gains weight as a result of diabetes or any other ailment, may suffer from uterine cancer in old age.

Genetic Mutation

This is a condition that occurs in the skin cells of the uterus walls leading to the disambiguation of healthy and strong cells into weak and abnormal cells. When the weak cells start multiplying inside the uterus, a mass or tumor of abnormal cells is formed. These are malignant in nature and affect the functioning of the uterine tissues. If not treated immediately, the condition aggravates into uterine cancer. Doctors say that malignant cells settled on walls of the uterus grow and spread very fast.

Late Menopause

The ideal age of menopause is 50. In some women, the monthly periods stops before or after the age of 50. However, if menopause occurs over the age of 52, the woman stands at a higher risk of being detected with uterine cancer. Both late menopause and early puberty lead to higher estrogen levels in the body and hence disintegration of membranes leading to uterine cancer.

No Pregnancy

It is important to get pregnant and deliver at least once in a lifetime. Women who do not get pregnant throughout will suffer from uterine cancer at old age. This cause is directly related to disrupted levels of hormone in blood.