Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the child’s speech as well as ability to interact. It normally strikes before the age of 3. Though the severity of the disorder differs from child to child there are certain factors that can control the disorder. The behavioral disorder stays on for life if not controlled in its early stages. There is no cure for the disorder; however there are treatments that help these children grow to be independent adults. It is more prominent in boys than girls.

What are the symptoms?

Some of the most common symptoms of Autism are problems with speech, social interaction and behavior. A severe case would mean inability to speak completely.

Some of the symptoms based on social behavior are poor eye contact, failure to respond when called by name, appears not to hear you and shows feelings against being hugged and loved.

With regards to the language skills the children begin to speak very late or those who have already developed their skills loose them, they can’t start a conversation or have a monotone speech that is animated. They may repeat words very often but are unable to understand what they are saying or are unable to use words in the right context.

Behavioral patterns are constant. They sway in the same motion and position for hours and normally prefer being alone rather than being in a crowd. They lack he ability or willingness to share with others.

What causes Autism?

Genetics as well as environmental factors are responsible for Autism. Research states that some of the genes that you inherit cause the behavioral disorder while others state that genes are merely a substantial contributing factor. Damage to the brain at child birth as well as certain viral infections can also cause the child to develop this disorder.

Treatments for Autism

As stated earlier there is no cure for this disorder. One can try several treatments though that will help the child with language and social skills.

Keep in mind that children with Autism are extremely creative so try and channel their positive energy into other fields like art. They are amazing artists and many take up to painting.