Causes Symptoms And Treatments For White Vaginal Discharge

Leucorrhoea is a condition that women suffer from. It is a condition where there is a constant white discharge from the vaginal area. This may continue for weeks to months and can become a chronic condition if not cared for at the initial stages.

Some of the common symptoms of the condition include pain in the vaginal region, loss of appetite, lack of energy, constant fatigue and constipation. The condition brings about severe headaches.

The main cause of the condition is the presence of toxins in the body that are bought about due to poor diet and lifestyle. When the body is unable to eliminate these toxins they form into a white liquid and are eliminated through the vagina. In some cases an infection during pregnancy leads to this condition. Poor hygiene can also lead to this condition.

Home remedies to cure leucorrhea

In order to cure this condition it is vital that you get rid of the toxins from the body. This can be done by drinking plenty of water. You must also go on a fruit and vegetable juice diet in order to clean your system. This kind of a diet will be beneficial to the body if observed for a few days.

After this diet is completed you must resume on a healthy nutritious diet. This includes eating healthy foods like nuts and seeds, cereals, whole grains and protein rich foods. In addition to these foods you must eat plenty of lean meats to maintain your stamina and prevent fatigue.

There are various topical treatments that you can try in order to control and cure this condition. Mango powder is effective as a remedy. Mix water in mango powder and apply it as a paste to the affected area. This will control the discharge. You can also grind guava leaves and mix it with water and apply it to the vagina in order to stop the discharge.