Celiac Disease Diet

Celiac disease is one of the autoimmune, hereditary ailments where the lining of the small intestine is harmed by eating gluten and other proteins that are found in rye, barley, wheat and probably even the oats.

This ailment is considered as one of the most under-diagnosed medical circumstance of what we are ignorant of in the present times. The basic cause of this is thought that the ailment has a large number and varied types of the disease symptoms.To add to it, there is a total lack of alertness of the ailment both in the medical community as well as in the general public.

Celiac is a digestive ailment that causes damage to the small intestine and obstructs the absorption of the nutrients from foodstuff. The persons who are suffering from the ailment lack the ability to tolerate the protein known as gluten that is found in barley, rye and wheat. Irritability is one of the most common symptoms found among children suffering from the disease. Besides this, depression, lethargy, joint pain, bloating, abdominal pain, fatigue, recurring diarrhea, vertigo and anxiety are some of the symptoms of the ailment.

The only way to treat the ailment is through a celiac disease diet. This diet has to be continued for a full life and needs to be free from gluten. The individuals suffering from the ailment would be happy to know that there are a lot of foodstuffs that are free of gluten. Hence, these items could be consumed by the sufferers although there is certain food that should be avoided.

Some of gluten free food are fish, chicken, fresh meat, cheese, eggs, butter, cream, milk, rice, nuts, maize, seeds, potatoes, jam, marmalade, some variety of ice creams, honey, some products of chocolates, olive oil, sunflower oil, sugar , all types of fresh fruits, salads as well as vegetables and so on.

Again certain foods need to be avoided. These may also include processed foods like frozen French fried potatoes, bread, sauces, pasta, snacks, pastries, cakes, cookies, donuts, prepared meals that have been stored for a long time, soups, malt vinegar, sauces, mayonnaise, mustard, soy sauce etc.

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