Cellulite – Best Home Remedies

Cellulite, a type of skin disorder, is mainly observed in women, in which white layers of fat get deposited as columns in the subcutaneous layers of the skin presenting an undulating appearance. Normally, women aged between 25- 40 years develop cellulite, while overweight males are also not spared from this disorder.

Thin white layers of fat with a mesh like appearance are easily visible as it surfaces out in case of obese people. Such fat depositions generally occur in buttocks, thighs, arm joints and lower abdomen; thus, they spoil the healthy skin tone of the body.


Hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, fluid retention in the body and obesity are the main causative factors for development of cellulite. In few cases, genetics can also have some contribution in this skin disorder.

The lumpy cellulite formation is totally a cosmetic concern. Still, one has to be cautious regarding the normal functioning of the body as excessive fat deposition can be the outcome of poor blood circulation and obstructive lymphatic circulation of the body, which certainly does not indicate a healthy condition.

Best home remedies for cellulite:

Cellulite can be reduced effectively maintaining a normal body weight. Abrupt gaining of weight triggers the formation of cellulite with enhanced deposition of adipose layers.

Following a detoxification diet for a couple of weeks is the best home remedy to get rid of cellulite. Your diet should consist of fresh vegetable salads, fruit juices, steamed vegetables and vegetable soups. A mixture of juices from carrot, beetroot and, coriander leaves is very effective in detoxifying the body off unwanted fat cells.

Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from the body.

Brush the affected areas with a soft natural brush daily for 10 minutes in circular movements. Gentle brushing opens clogged lymphatic ducts promoting better lymphatic circulation. This is one of the important home remedies for cellulite. Skin brushing removes the dead cell layers from the skin enhancing the blood circulation of the body. You can also apply some anti cellulite herbal gels or aromatic oils while brushing to get best results.

Aromatherapy that uses essential oils of herbs helps in reducing cellulite to a great extent. Oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Cypress, Juniper Berry, Lemon grass, Clary sage and the like prevent fluid retention and toxin build up in the body. These oils can be added to bath water or massaged into the skin to reduce cellulite.

Regular physical workouts like sprinting, swimming, cycling and walking will prevent fat deposition preventing the formation of cellulite. Moreover, it enhances the blood circulation and tones your muscles and skin.