Cellulite Treatment with Herbs

The development of minute dimples on the skin in general and particularly on the thigh as well as in the bottom is called cellulite. Although this condition has been found to occur in both men and women on the whole after puberty, almost 90 percent of the total women population of the world suffers from cellulite.

The women bodies tend to store the excess fat of the body in the lower portion of the body like thighs, buttocks, hips, legs etc. This causes the fatty tissues under the surface of the woman’s skin to develop cellulite. A number of factors are responsible for the development of cellulite.

Some of these factors are overweight, excess fatty body, clogged up system or lymphatic system causing decreased amount of flow of blood, sedentary or inactive lifestyle, fatty diet, smoking, less drinking of water etc are some of the factors that are responsible for formation of cellulites in the body. However, herbs play a vital role in the treating of the ailment successfully.

Gotu Kola: The stimulant property of this herb has made it extremely popular for the curing of cellulite. With the intake of the herb on a regular basis, the collagen fibers are strengthened and the blood circulation progresses. This herb successfully slows down the process of hardening of the connective tissues just down the surface of the skin.

Horse Chestnut: The anti-inflammatory properties of the herb are extremely beneficial for the treating of cellulite. This herb has Aescin, a component that decreases the size of the pore of the capillary walls and improves their tone.

Thereby the flow of blood improves. This improvement of the tone of the capillaries just below the skin diminishes the manifestation of cellulite and also smoothen the skin.

Grape seed extract: The extract of grape seed acts as an antioxidant and strengthens the fibers of collagen. Regular consumption of the extract also aids in the maintenance of the elasticity of the blood vessels. The extract is also rich in flavonoids and tannings that help in the strengthening of the walls of the veins as well as the lymphatic vessels.

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