Chapped Lips Remedy – Natural Cures

Chapped lips also known as dry lips is a common condition during winter or dry season. It is the state when the lips become cracked and scaly. Chapped lips are caused by nutritional deficiencies, over exposure to sun, allergies caused  by cosmetic use, deficiency of vitamin A, B and C, smoking or from over revelation to cold and breezy conditions.

This results in the drying up of the moisture from the lips. This condition can result in discomfort as the sufferer might face bleeding of the lips if the condition goes from bad to worst. However chapped lips can be easily taken care of through various natural remedies and here are a few of them:

Hydration: Chapped lips are a condition that can be caused due to less intake of water. Dehydration is one of the important factors of chapped lips. Drink plenty of water. During winter, most of us take less amount of water and as a result chapped lips are caused. Adequate intake of water will help the lips to look fresh and hydrated.

Lip balm: In chapped lips condition, one should use lip balm regularly.Daily use of lip balm will help to moisturize and treat the dry lips and keep them fresh, soft and healthy. Using the lip balm that have ultra violet rays protection are more useful for the chapped lips condition than the ordinary one.

Lip biting: Lip biting is a bad habit and should be stopped immediately. It is due to the biting of lips that the protective covering of the lips are removed. This thereby leads to the drying up of the lips. Lip biting is thereby one of the main cause of chapped lips and needs to stopped right away.

Licking of lips: Lips should not be licked as it can make the matter worse. In chapped lips condition lip licking might make one feel better temporarily but in the long run, it can lead to the drying effect. This happens because the constant exposure to saliva leads to the robbing of moisture from the skin thereby causing it to become dry.