Causes and Treatment of Chest Pain


Causes and Treatment of Chest Pain

Clinically chest pain is the pain or discomfort in the area between our upper abdomen and neck. A tightness and stiffness in the chest are also the symptoms of chest pain.It is a common misconception among the people that chest pain is always an indication of heart attack.

However various other reasons are also there which can lead to chest pain.Symptoms of chest pain are mild in some cases while in some cases they are very severe and life threatening. Increase in cholesterol level and heart disorders can also lead to chest pain.

In elderly people, the eating habits and unhealthy life style can be a factor responsible for chest pain. In case of heart disease, the chest pain can be an alarm to inform you about heart attack. Apart from heart problems, the chest pain can result due to stress, lung or stomach problems, and bone and muscle problems.

Causes and Treatment Of Chest Pain

Unhealthy Food Cause Of Chest Pain

Among various reasons of chest pain, the most dreaded is the cardiac chest pain. It is a very serious symptom and can lead to fatal consequences. In some cases cardiac problem can lead to death of the patient.

The person suffering from cardiac disorder, experiences stiffness in breathing like something is squeezing the chest very tightly. Whenever you feel such problem, you should sit down and relax, take deep and slow breath. If you are not allergic to aspirin, you can take aspirin to reduce symptoms. Avoid food which is rich in fat.

Consumption of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables is helpful in avoiding cardiac chest pain. Avoid fast food and junk food. Regular exercise and morning walk is very effective in avoiding such cardiac disorders. You should take care the cholesterol level of your body because high cholesterol in body can worsen the condition.

Fresh Fruits For Chest Pain

There are various home based remedies for chest pain. Consumption of cucumber, watermelon, banana etc is helpful in avoiding chest pain. Garlic is very helpful in reducing chances of chest pain.

Garlic For Chest Pain

Consumption of garlic with milk on a regular basis is very effective in cardiac chest pain. Taking basil juice with honey daily in the morning is also very helpful in avoiding chest pain. Consumption of ginger in daily diet is also helpful in chest pain.

Ginger For Chest Pain

Treatment of Chest Pain