Chicken Pox Treatment – Home Cures

Chicken pox mainly affects children between two to nine years of age. Some adults can also get affected by this disease, which commonly occurs by the viral infection due to the polluted environment. Many people consider it as a simple childhood hazard and ignore it without paying enough attention.

Because of that, the problem can continue to grow with the increasing age of the child. The sufferers should get some primary treatment to cure the problem in a faster way. If they take the antibiotics for treatment, it can be effective, but there are possibilities of certain side effects as well. For this reason, home treatment can be a good solution to get the better result.

Chicken Pox Treatment- Home remedies:

Lemon has the good effective property to treat the disorder. Make the juice of two lemons and some sugar and take it two times in a day. You can also take a glass of milk daily as it has very useful effects. However, keep in mind that it should not be taken in the empty stomach, as it can form gas. Consume a glass of water, which is boiled with neem leaves. Drink it for four days on your empty stomach in the early morning, since the symptoms of the disorder are noticed. Take some fresh small pieces of 150 gm of carrots and 100 gm of coriander and boil them in fresh water for 10 minutes. After that, strain the residue and consume it once daily.

Consuming an herbal tea made by chamomile, marigold, basil leaves and lemon balm is very helpful in the treatment of chicken pox conditions. You can also add some honey, lemon and cinnamon into this tea and take it several times every day. Add some molasses with the catnip tea and drink it. This remedy helps you to reduce the fever that is caused due to chicken pox. Another effective herbal tea recipe is mixing the tea of saffron and snake root. You can drink this mixture in the form of a tea as it is very beneficial to cure this hazard. To get instant relief take the burdock and licorice tea once in a day.

Make a paste of neem leaves and apply it on the affected area as it helps to remove the blisters. Prepare a mixture of sandalwood powder boiled with pure coconut oil and apply this to reduce the scars. Applying honey is another valuable home remedy to treat the problem. Smearing your skin with honey twice in a day is a beneficial external application to heal the disorder within a few days. To reduce the marks created by chicken pox, rub vitamin E oil or pure coconut oil over affected zone. You should also apply the paste of aloe vera on your skin to get better result as fast as possible.

Neem leaves are very useful to get relief from the itching caused by the rashes on your body. Mix some neem leaves with warm water and take a bath with that water daily during this condition. To get relief from rashes fast, you can also bath with a bucket of water mixed with burdock, goldenseal, ginger, yarrow and yellow dock. Another remedy would be taking warm water bath mixed with brown vinegar as it can help you to soothe the affected areas. Take some baking soda in a glass of water and sponge your body with this mixture to keep skin free from itching sensations.