Chlamydia preventive remedies

Chlamydia is a pathogenic bacterial genius which is responsible for Chlamydia infection among the human beings. It is a human sexually transmitted infection, which is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. This virus can spread through anal, vaginal and oral sex and can even be passed on from an infected mother to her baby during the vaginal birth of the child. This is one of the most familiar sexually transmitted infections throughout the world.

Preventive remedies:


Medical check-up: Prevention is the best way of treating Chlamydia. These precautionary measures include seeking normal medical check-up throughout the life. Regular medical intervention helps the physicians to best assess the risks of Chlamydia infection and regularly test the disease with a simple swab test. These tests help in the detecting the disease at its early stage and curing it before any serious complications take place.

Sexual activity: Abstaining from sexual activity or confining the sexual activities with a single partner where the bond should be for a long term and that the partner should neither be infected with the Chlamydia infection nor should be infected with other sexually transmitted diseases. Latex condoms, if properly used, provide some protections from these infections.

Oral medications: Treating Chlamydia without complications include oral antibiotic medication, and it is important that the sexual activities are abstained until the infection is cured and all the partners should also be treated, even if they do not have any symptom of the infection.

Using condoms: Condoms can lessen the risk of passing Chlamydia. Hence, using a condom can help protect one from the infection when he has vaginal, anal or oral sex with any partner. Latex male condom or female polyurethane condom is used for vaginal sex. Latex male condom is also required for anal sex and dental dam is used for oral sex.

Converse with sex partners: One should talk to sex partners about the sexually transmitted disease (STD) and the use of condoms since it is your own body, and it is yourself that needs to be protected.

Talk to physician: One should be frank with the physician about the sexual partner(s) one is having and about the STD one and his/ her partner is having or had. Being frank could help in treating the infection successfully.