Chlamydia Treatment With Herbs

Chlamydia trachomatis is a bacterium that can spread from one person to another with the help of sexual contact. It is often referred to as “silent disease” since most of the individuals remain unaware of the ailment present in the body.

In most cases the sufferer does not experience any obvious and evident symptoms. This sexually transmitted disease has the ability to spoil the female reproductive organs if it is not identified and treated at the correct time.

Statistics indicate that about 50 percent of the men population as well as around 80 percent of the female population who gets the infection experience no symptoms and hence lots of cases of Chlamydia remains undiagnosed. This disease has been there all over the globe for thousands and thousands of years and is often referred to as old man’s disease.

There are a lot of causes that are responsible for the spread of the ailment. Unprotected anal sex, exposed vaginal sex, unguarded oral sex, genital touch with an infected associate etc are some of the major causes of the spread of Chlamydia. However, this bacterium can be effectively treated with a number of natural remedies including the herbs.


This herb is extremely beneficial for the boosting of the immune system. Consume Echinacea tea on a habitual basis. It not only helps to increase the count of the white blood cells but also facilitates in the fighting of Chlamydia eruptions in the upcoming.


This Chinese herb has been used for hundreds of years in the eastern part of the globe and is renowned for its ability in the boosting of the immune system of the body. The intake of this herb on a daily basis aids in the fighting of the Chlamydia infection in a natural yet effective way.


This herb is extremely useful for the prevention of the multiplying of Chlamydia bacterium. The combination of goldenseal with myrrh herb helps to fight off Chlamydia.  Just boil one teaspoon of goldenseal herb with one teaspoon of myrrh in a bowl of water. Now, wash the sores with this mixture until they heal and subside.