Cold Sores? Heal with natural cures

Cold sores are tiny, tender, fluid-filled eruptions that are seen on the lips, gums, mouth and nose. It is a viral infection, which is caused by herpes simplex viruses. These sores are usually hurting and last for a few days in general. They can also recur as they are not totally cured or eliminated by the body defenses. This is unlike most viral infections, which are generally totally curable.Natural cures to cold sore:

Petroleum based product: The cold sores heal effectively if it is generally covered with a protective petroleum-based jelly. This helps in curing fast and also protects it from secondary bacterial infection.

Acidic foods: Salty food (potato chips) and acidic foods (citrus fruits) need to be avoided at this point of time as intake of such food might exaggerate and further irritate the cold sores and add to the pain.

Sunscreen lotion: Using sunscreen lotion could aid in defending the lips from the sun. Using this lotion or a lipstick that contains sunscreen could assist in averting the cold sores that are sun-induced recurrences.

Prevent spreading: The cold sores are extremely contagious and hence the person affected by cold sores has to be very careful so that the infection does not spread to other parts of the body as well as to other households. Kissing along with sharing of towels and cups has to be avoided totally. One needs to wash the hand immediately after touching the sores.

Peppermint oil: Studies indicate that peppermint essential oil makes a way into the skin and has a straight virucidal effect in the fighting of herpes simplex virus, which are mainly responsible for cold sores.

Lemon balm: The antiviral properties of lemon balm cream help in promoting the curing of blisters in much lesser time than the controlled groups. Again daily use of lemon balm also reduces the rate of recurrence of cold sores.

Consult doctor: It is always better to consult the doctor when one faces frequent cold sores. In that case, the cold sores could heal fast and effectively due to the intake of the medicines prescribed by the health-care provider.