Common Causes Of Joint Aches

Common Causes Of Joint Aches One of the most debilitating conditions suffered by elderly people in India is joint pain. This condition can be crippling and often cause immobility of joints, putting a stop to one’s movement. Though this condition can now be very effectively treated with different medications and treatment procedures, it is important to first recognize and diagnose the cause of joint ache and its severity.

Listed below are some common disorders that affect joints and cause pain and aching sensation.

 Common Causes Of Joint Aches


Arthritis is the topmost condition responsible for joint pain in the elderly and middle-aged people and sometimes even totally impairs a person’s ability to move around. There are different types of arthritis among which, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are largely responsible for joint aches in most people.


When a person suffers from arthritis, the immune system of the person, which is responsible for invading and destroying foreign matter entering a person’s body, mistakes its own tissue for a foreign substance and destroys it. This attack of the immune system against its own tissues causes pain, swelling, inflammation and degradation of joints including the wrists, ankles, knees and shoulders.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome causes a person to feel weak and tired even though he has got enough rest. This condition is often symptomized by pain in the joints, weakness and feeling tired easily. Unexplained headaches, fatigue and fever are also noted in many cases. Though there are many different possible reasons for this condition to occur, it is known to affect joint health in many ways.

Aseptic necrosis

Aseptic necrosis is a grave disorder which involves localized bone death due to loss of blood supply to the bone.

  Aseptic necrosis Source:

This condition may occur due to various different reasons; however, it is most commonly characterized by pain and throbbing sensation in joints, especially when the extent of bone damage is large.

Connective tissue disease

Connective tissue diseases are autoimmune diseases that affect connective tissue and cause the body’s own immune system to go against its own tissues, causing localized inflammation, swelling and pain.

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Bursitis is a degenerative condition wherein the bursa (tiny sacs filled with fluid responsible for lessening friction between joints and promote smooth, gliding movements) is damaged severely and sometimes inflamed which exposes the surface of the joints to each other, and cause friction which may lead to pain and other joint related ailments in long term.


Though fibromyalgia can affect almost anyone, it is a chronic condition affecting mostly middle-aged women. This disease strikes the joint tissues and cause pain and swelling of joints and the nearby muscles.

People suffering from this condition also experience stiffness of joints and inability to move around with ease, accompanied by spells of insomnia, headaches and sometimes inability to think.


External injury or physical trauma which may cause fractures are also the cause of pain and ache of joints. Application of external force may sometimes cause injury to the bone, and even cause bone breakage which causes excruciating pain to the patient.

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