Common Causes Of Muscle Cramps


Many people in the world suffer from muscle cramps which is commonly called Skeletal-muscle cramp. The skeletal muscle cramp is described as an unexpected tightening or shortening of muscles in medical terms. This generally leads to some form of uneasiness and pain.

This muscle pain is faced by people at some point of time in their life. It can happen at any moment in your life.You can feel these cramps while walking or while rising from the chair or after sitting for a long time.

muscle cramps

The muscle cramp can be recovered within seconds or last longer and can be recovered naturally.The skeletal pain can occur at any parts of the body and we can control it proficiently. The most popular parts of your body affected by cramps are legs, thighs, back, calf and so on.

Common Causes And Symptoms Of Muscle Cramps

The most common symptom of the muscle cramp is unexpected solidity in the muscles which is followed by a pain. You will have a severe pain at that part of the body and you might not be able to move your legs at that time.


Dehydration is a major factor to be considered for muscle cramps. While doing vigorous activity or exercises you lose a lot of body fluid which in turn results in drop of body mass when you are exposed to humid climate. This condition will have an adverse effect on your muscles.


Deficiency In Sodium And Potassium

You should maintain a correct quantity of sodium and potassium in your body. If your body lack sodium and potassium then it should be a major factor to be considered for muscle cramp.

In pregnant women low calcium and magnesium levels in the blood will also cause muscle cramp. Skeletal-muscle cramps are also the symptoms when you have some major problems such as thyroid problem and kidney-disorder.

Rest spasm is a type of muscle cramp that interestingly attacks you when you are sleeping.


Home Remedies For Muscle Cramp

You can treat muscle cramp at home by following this simple home remedies.

Drink Plenty Of Water

As dehydration is the major cause for muscle cramp you should in take fluid at regular intervals. You can intake fluid in the form of water as well as fresh juices in regular basis.

drink water

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Heat is one of the effective home remedy.use a heating pad to stimulate the blood flow in the cramp affected areas in the body.

heat pad

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a very good tea to relax your muscles. There is a stuff called glycine which is rich in amino acid which helps to keep your muscle intact.


Pickle Juice

When you experience leg cramps take one teaspoon of pickle juice daily. Presence of acetylcholine compound in pickle juice helps to relax your leg muscles.

pickle juice


Always stretch your body muscles before going to bed it’s a good habit. It is important to stretch your leg muscles often to avoid cramps occurring frequently.Follow these methods to get rid of spasm problems.

strech and walk