Common Cold During Change of Weather

The problem of cough and common cold are very common during a change of climatic conditions. One may also experience this problem while he or she travels from one type of climatic conditions to the other. Common cold is the most common problem which almost everybody experiences some or the other time in the life.

common cold

Generally common cold lasts for a period of nearly one week. In some cases it may last for more than 10 days where the symptoms are more severe. Apart from viral attack, the exposure to extreme weather conditions, sudden change in temperature, lack of proper sleep etc. are the factors responsible for common cold.

Symptoms Of Common Cold

Sometimes patient suffering from common cold may experience mild fever along with the symptoms such as sneezing, headache, mild body pain, runny nose etc. Initially the common cold is characterized by congestion in nasal passes, difficulty in breathing, throat soreness etc. However if not treated in time, the symptoms may grow. Lack of appetite, stress, stiffness in breathing, lack of concentration etc. can also be observed as the symptoms of common cold in some patients.

loss of appetite

Causes Of Common Cold

As a general trend in the society, most of the people take over the counter drugs to get rid of common cold. A desire to get a quick relief from the symptoms is also a factor which encourages the patient to take these medications.

However it has been observed that a long term use of these over the counter drugs may lead to several other health disorders as a side effect. Hence it is advisable to avoid these medications. There are a number of home based treatments for common cold. These treatments have no side effects and are relatively cheaper than the over the counter drugs.


Basic Tips To Get Rid Of Common Cold

One of the most commonly used home remedy for common cold is consumption of turmeric with hot milk. Take 250 ml of warm milk, add 1 to 2 spoonful of turmeric powder and drink this while going to bed in the night. It will provide a quick relief from the symptoms of common cold.

turmeric milk

Taking garlic is another very effect remedy for common cold. Taking garlic soup for two to three days is very helpful in common cold. Take 4 to 6 cloves of garlic, boil these cloves in water for some time, take this soup before taking meal. You will find that the symptoms are reducing very quickly. Taking vitamin C is also very effective. It makes our immune system more powerful and hence protects us from all the common ailments.