Common Fruits that Help to Battle Cholesterol Levels

Living a stressful life where our anxiety levels are high is a given. This gives rise to the threat of obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer. In most cases we contract these disorders because we club poor eating habits with our high stress levels and this leads to us being a victim of a fatal disease that may cost us our lives. The highest cause of death these days is cardiac arrests and this is simply due to our stress and high cholesterol levels. One may argue that there are several factors that lead to these illnesses like genetics; but they are also not the leading causes of the disease.

There are several therapies that you may try to get rid of cholesterol levels but one of the most effective ones include you paying keen attention to your diet. A basic diet that is high in fiber (the kind that can absorb fats in your body) along with foods that are low in carbohydrates are the best kind to help you out in your situation.

You must include a lot of fruits in your diet. Citrus fruits like oranges and limes and lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C; this vitamin helps to reduce your cholesterol levels. High blood cholesterol levels drop significantly when a person includes apples in their diet. The fruit is known for its rich vitamins and minerals and they help to improve cholesterol levels almost instantly. Eat an apple for breakfast or as a snack at mid day but make sure that you have one everyday. If you are using fruit as the only therapy for your condition then you must start your day with a fruit extract and then eat the fruit as a snack some time during the day. The vitamins in the fruits will absorb the fats in the body and eliminate them naturally.

If you are using medications or not to control your cholesterol levels; you must make sure that you pay attention to your diet. Avoid eating fatty foods and fast foods; these are low in nutrition and do absolutely nothing for your body. Get rid of cigarettes and alcohol from your life too if you are addicted to them or even if you indulge socially.

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