Common Problem of Shoulder Pain

Shoulders are one of the excessively used part of the body. This excessive use of shoulders for various purposes makes it very sensitive towards injuries and pain. Pain of shoulders can be of various forms. The pain can either be temporary or permanent. It can remain persistent for all day or may happen only when shoulders are moved in any manner.

If you are experiencing any kind of shoulder pain then don’t neglect it. If neglected the problem can become worse. In addition to bones, the shoulder also contain many tendons, ligaments, soft tissues and muscles. Common problems of shoulder includes arthritis, injury and tendinitis. Tendonitis can occur due to overuse of shoulders in sport activities like ball throwing. Shoulder injury occur due to dislocation of joint bones as a result of some major accident.

Arthritis of shoulders can be due to advancing age or some wear and tear changes. If you are feeling some pain in your shoulders. Wait for few days. But if the pain persists then it is best to take medical consultation. Diagnosis of shoulder pain requires thorough knowledge of medical history. This is to ascertain if you had some accident in past or not or what kind of occupation you are involved in. These informations will help the doctors to undersand the depth of the problem. Then proper medications can be given based on the information.

X ray, CT scan, EMG and MRI may be required accordingly, for further diagnosis of the problem. Treatment may involve rest, exercises and physiotherapy. This will help in improving the strength and flexibility of the shoulders. Medications like pain killers may be prescribed to reduce intensity of pain and inflammation. Surgery may also be done if the problem of shoulder is very serious. Although surgery is the option in very few cases. Its best to take precautions when you are feeling pain in your shoulder. In such condition, avoid over exertion or over doing activities which can increase pain.

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