Common Urine Infection Symptoms


Urine Infection is the infection occurring in any part of the urinary system. It is usually caused by a bacteria known as Escherichia coli. The bacteria upon entering the urinary system, multiplies and spreads throughout the Urinary Tract. This results in occurence of infection or inflammation of the urethra and the bladder.Urine infections usually affects the vagina, urethra, urinary bladder, ureters and sometimes even the kidneys. Usually UTI’s are not severe and can be treated easily with the proper dosage of antibiotics.

urine infection

Women in general are more prone to urine infection than men, because of the nature and construction of their anatomy and women’s urinary tract system is shorter than that of men. Sometimes the bacteria present in the urinary tract doesn’t cause any symptom in the person and is known as the asymptomatic bacteriuria. This condition is usually present in the pregnant women and is also treated with antibiotics to prevent pre-term labor. However, the major symptoms of the Urine infection or UTI are mentioned below –

Symptoms Of Urine Infection

Frequent Urination Urge

Patients who are suffering from urinary tract infection usually experiences an urge to empty his/her bladder very frequently. Often this feeling to empty the bladder remains even after the patient has just urinated. Usually a person urinates about 6-7 times in a day. An urge to urinate for more than 6-7 times may be termed as the first sign of urinary tract infection. Patients also experience difficulty in holding urine for longer durations. Small Children usually suffering from urine infection may start bed wetting and may not be able to properly communicate the urge to urinate.

frequent urination

Painful Urination

A person suffering from UTI, often experiences an acute sensation of  burning in and around the opening of the urethra, while passing urine. The person also experiences a lot of pain and general discomfort after the passing of urine.

passing urine

Cloudy And Smelly Urine

The Urine passed is usually accompanied by a strong and foul smell. The urine passed is sometimes cloudy in nature. Most of the time the urine released is very less in quantity. Sometimes traces of blood and pus may also be present in the urine of the patient. This phenomenon is also known as hematuria.

cloudy urine

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Bloated Abdomen

The lower abdomen often feels bloated and patient complains of a feeling of swelling in the lower abdomen. The person suffering from urine infection usually also has a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen and a general feeling of uneasiness.

lower abdomen

Pain In Back And Lower Abdomen

People suffering from Urine infections, often experience pain in the lower back, that is, just below the rib cage. Patients also experiences pain in the side or flank of the body. Female patients also experience pain in the pelvic region and male patients complain of pain in the rectal area.

lower back


Patients, in some cases, may also sometimes experience low grade fever. However, fever may not be experienced by every person suffering from Urine infection. If the infection spreads to the kidney, then the patient may also experience vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, chills and high grade fever.