Conjunctivitis: Causes and Treatments

Conjunctivitis is caused due to allergy, bacteria, bad health condition, and various chemicals etc. it is inflammation of the membrane that covers the whole eyeball and inside part of the eyelids. It can be characterized by infection in the eyes it turns the eye red, burning sensation, blurred vision, feeling dryness and pain in the eyes, sneezing, water discharge, runny nose. It can be caused due to various bacterial and infection and eye strains.

Home remedies are simple and effective which provide you relief from the problem of Conjunctivitis. Raw carrots and juices of raw vegetables and fruits like carrots, beet, and spinach can give you relief. As these juices should be taken on regular basis you can also honey with Indian gooseberry, as it is very effective. Do not wear eye lens and eye makeup. One of the most reliable method is take 100 grams of coriander and mix 60 ml of water  use this fluid or mixture can be used as an effective eye wash. This liquid will provide you instant relief from redness and swelling.

Keep your own towels, washcloths and pillows separated from the family members, and do not touch your infected eye with your fingers always use proper hygienic tissues to wipe off. Jasmine flower when soaked in distilled water for whole night can be use as the eye drops.