Conjunctivitis Treatments- Best Things You Can Do


Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is one of the common eye infections that are suffered by the human beings. Although this ailment can take place among the people of all age groups, it has been observed to mostly affect the kids and children. Conjunctivitis can be caused from a number of reasons like bacterial infection, viral infection or allergic reaction to pollen or dust or any other causes.

This bacterial or viral infection is also responsible for other ailments to the individuals like cold, sore throats, ear infection etc. However, pink eye can also be caused from other substances that are found in the environment like the smoke, fumes, household cleaners, smog, sprays and chemicals present in chlorine and soap. Pink eye leads to the development of redness in the eyes and a sense of burning or itching sensation is constantly felt. This infection actually causes swelling or irritation to the conjunctiva which is the membrane lining of the eyelids.

While irritation, red eye and watering of the eyes are common symptoms of all types of conjunctivitis, in general the signs and symptoms of pink eye vary from one cause to the other. Viral infection starts off by infecting one eye and easily spreads to the other one. Watery discharge, variable itching, common cold and sore throat are some of the symptoms of the conjunctivitis caused from viral infection. In case of bacterial infection too, the pink eye starts with the infection of one eye and easily spreads to the other one.

Severe crusting of the affected eye as well as the surrounding skin, stingy graying or yellowish discharge that cause the sticking together of the lids, gritty or scratchy sensation etc are some of the other symptoms of bacterial infection. Pink eye caused from allergies leads to intense itching, non sticky watery discharge and swelling of the eye membranes. However, there are a lot of easy cures for pink eye and here are some of them:

Warm compress

Warm compress is known to be an excellent remedy for pink eye. Take some water in a bowl and heat it. Keep it aside. Take a cotton pad. Dip it in the warm water, squeeze out the dripping excess water and put it on the affected eye. This process not only helps in the soothing of the eyes but also helps in preventing the sticky discharge to dry up on the eye lashes. This method should be followed for at least three to four times a day.

Cold compress

Cold compress is also useful for conjunctivitis. While the warm compress helps to soothe the eyes, cold compress helps to shrink the swelling as well as in reducing the itchiness of the eyes. Take some amount of cold water and dip a cotton pad or a clean cotton cloth in it. Squeeze out the excess water from the pad or cloth and press it softly on the affected eye. It helps in the calming down, easing and improvement of itching of the eyes.

Contact lens

Some people wear contact lens all the time. At the time of pink eye, avoid wearing contact lens. Instead switching over to glasses will help in the clearing up of infection at a faster rate. Wearing of contact lens can not only cause irritation to the eyes but also hold the bacteria or viruses in the eye. Hence start wearing the lens only after the infection of the eye has been resolved.


Frequent eyewashes help to get rid of pink eye smoothly and in a fast way. Firstly, sterilize the eyecup and the eye dropper for 10 minutes in boiling water before using either of them. Since conjunctivitis is extremely contagious, all these items need to be sterilized every time before using them for eyewash. Firstly, the mixture that is used for eyewash has to be strained through a clean and sterilized cheese cotton cloth. Now the eye wash has to be put into a sterilized eyecup and the affected eyes have to be lowered into the eyecup, roll the eyes in it and wink. This will help the eyewash in providing coating to the entire eyes but the eyes need to be kept immersed in the eyewash for about a minute. This way of frequent eye washing helps in clearing off the pink eye trouble of the suffering individuals.

Dried calendula

Take a pot of water and heat it up in a pan. Now pour the hot water in a covered pot. Take two spoonful of dried calendula and put it into the hot water. Allow it to steep for about an hour and keep the pot covered during that time. After the water cools down, strain the mixture. Now put a square cotton pad into the mixture and hold the pad in such a way so that the drops fall into the eyes. This has to be continued for 10 minutes. The remaining mixture has to be placed back into the refrigerator and used later on. This method helps in the calming and soothing of the eyes and does not cause burning or stinging sensation in the eyes. The same process has also to be followed while using dried chamomile as well.

Aloe Vera

The leaves to the aloe vera plant have juice in them which are extremely helpful for the treating of various ailments including pink eye. The antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties of the juice help in the curing of the eye infection in a smooth and effective way. It is always advisable to use the pure juice that is found in the leaves of the plant for the treating of pink eye instead of over-the-counter products as these might cause stinging sensation in the eyes. The process has to be repeated all through the day as well as overnight until the pink eye symptoms start to withdraw.

Besides all these aspects, a number of other natural remedies like chamomile oil, apple cider vinegar, rose oil, breast milk, peroxide lavender oil, etc help to cure the troubles that crop up with pink eye.