Constipate your constipation

Everyone has surely suffered from constipation at one time or the other in his/her life. Heaviness in the stomach, no passing of stools for more than two days, headache, nausea and loss of appetite are all symptoms of constipation. The stored toxins can cause a lot of harm. Ignoring it only leads to greater discomfort that may be difficult to treat effectively then.

The one thing that immediately comes to mind when faced with constipation is water. Drinking lots of water, preferably 3-4 glasses the first thing in the morning is one of the first immediate home remedy for constipation. Mixing warm water with 1 teaspoon of honey and ½ a lime and taking it in the morning is also very helpful in constipation. Husk seed or Isabgol as most of us know it is a very good laxative. Two teaspoons of Isabgol mixed with milk and drunk before going to bed is very useful. Papaya, guava and grapes are also known to be very good laxatives. Raisins soaked in milk, brought to a boil and then eaten and drunk tends to clear up the constipation. Although you may not like the taste, spinach (palak) eaten raw or drunk in juice form cures chronic constipation. In case of severe constipation, mix two teaspoons of castor oil in the milk and drink it before going to bed. Triphala Churna, a well-known Ayurvedic medicine taken with warm milk or water before bedtime is very effective in treating constipation. Ghee mixed in warm milk taken before going to bed also helps relieve constipation.

Try to avoid fried foods and any vegetables that cause gas to collect like cabbage and cauliflower. Chew food properly and maintain a gap of 4 hours between each meal. Use easily digestible spices like turmeric powder, asafetida, cumin, fennel and coriander. If you suffer from constipation, toxins are already collected in it. Do not add more toxins by smoking and drinking too much of tea and coffee.

Finally, have good eating habits, do not feed on stress and sleep well. That’s all you need to get rid of constipation.