Constipation In Children – How To Treat Easily

Constipation is a digestive problem of our body that is caused due to low fiber diet, dehydration, stress, lack of exercise and poor food habits and poor lifestyle. This syndrome is very common in children and pregnant women. Irregular bowel movements or passing hard and dry stool are the results of constipation.

Bloating, dizziness, gastric troubles, sluggishness and sunken eyes can be the signs of constipation in your children. If your child has the disorder, then you should understand the right cause of it to treat your child in a proper way. This is not a serious disease, but if it does not get the perfect and timely treatment, it can create many dangerous diseases in the body of your child.

Some easy remedies for constipation:

While suffering from constipation, your child should drink the juice of 2 to 3 oranges in early morning on empty stomach. You can also mix one cup of lemon juice with two cups of fresh warm water and give this mixture to your child for about one month to get rid of this problem. Consuming pear juice is very helpful for your child as it can reduce the inflammation from the digestive tract.

Also, consumption of the juice of raw spinach can help your child to treat the constipation problem fast. You can also give some cauliflower juice to your child before he/she goes off to bed. Your child should also take broccoli juice, as its content is very essential to reduce the disorder quickly.

You should give some rose petals boiled with one glass of milk to your child twice in a day for about 20 days continuously. Consuming the seeds of 10 to 12 large raisins boiled into one cup of milk can reduce the chronic constipation of your child in a faster way. Make a powder by grinding 60 gm senna leaves, 110 gm of fennel and 220 gm of palm candy. After that mix the powder with 6 to 8 gm of warm water and give it to your child before going to bed as it can clean the stomach properly. To remove the syndrome, you can prepare a solution including 25 gm of black salt, 125 gm of purified butter and 25 gm of fresh warm water. Make your child take this mixture every night.

Make a powder by finely grinding an equal quantity of dry ginger, fennel, rock salt and myrobalan. You should give 5 gms of this powder to your child before he/she goes to sleep. Another remedy would be providing a powder that is made by grinding one gm of cinnamon and ginger with half a gm of cardamom before taking meals. To get instant relief you can give him or her, a fine mixture of an equal amount of mature peach and honey. Consuming 15 gm of psyllium husks with one glass of yogurt every morning can heal the risk factor of further constipation.

Your child should eat 2-4 slices of papaya everyday before breakfast. You can also give a glass of warm milk to your child before going to sleep to get a better response to treat constipation.