Constipation – treat with herbal solution

Constipation is a digestive system disorder where a person experiences difficulties in the bowel movement. It is defined as having a bowel movement fewer than three times a week. During constipation, the stools are usually very hard, dry, small in size and difficult to eliminate.

There are a number of herbal solutions to the problem:

Lemon juice: Drinking lemon juice mixed with warm water at least three times a day eases constipation and helps in bowel movement.

Guava: Intake of guava fruit along with the seeds provides roughage to the diet and can provide relief from constipation.

Mixed juice: Drinking the mixture of 1 cup of tomato juice along with ¼ th cup of carrot juice and ½ cup sauerkraut juice helps in bowel movement and is also a good herbal solution.

Aloe Vera Gel/ Juice: Aloe Vera helps in bowel movement, which helps to relieve constipation. Intake of a mixture of 2 tbsp of pure aloe Vera gel with any fruit juice that suits our taste helps in getting relief from constipation. Another effective method is by intaking a glass of aloe Vera juice just before bedtime. This promotes bowel movement just after waking up.

Buckthorn: It is considered as the last resort treatment for constipation or in situations where soft stool is desired (hemorrhoids or after rectal surgery). Buckthorn bark along with Cascara Sagrada acts as an herbal supplement to get relief from constipation and symptoms associated with constipation.

Cascara Sagrada: It is an herbal constipation remedy with strong laxative effect. Cascara has a chemical called emodin, which control the strong action of Chrysophonic acid thus producing a balanced laxative effect. Cascara Sagrada also stimulates secretions from liver, gall bladder, pancreas and stomach. These secretions give cascara additional laxative effects.

Ginger: A number of studies of China and Japan have proved that ginger regulates peristalsis, the wave-like movement of muscles in the digestive tract that pushes food and waste through the digestive system. This helps ginger to ease both diarrhea and constipation irrespective of illness or eating habits. Ginger is also a very good herbal solution to the problem.

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