Control Blood Sugar With These Herbal Remedies

Diabetes is known as the silent killer. Its incidence all over the world is increasing. Type 2 diabetes has a slow insidious onset. But if not controlled properly it can kill the person because of its dangerous complications.

Hence the name ‘silent killer’ is given to diabetes mellitus.

There are two types of diabetes namely type1 and type2. Type 1 diabetes needs insulin for survival while type 2 can be managed with oral hypoglycaemic drugs.

Here are some remedies with which blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes can be well controlled.  Bitter melon is well known for its beneficial effect on blood sugar levels. Drinking juice of bitter melon everyday is the best remedy you will find for diabetes.

Indian gooseberry is also found very effective in diabetes. Use dried indian gooseberry powder to make a paste with turmeric and honey. Consume 2 tsp of this paste every day to bring your blood sugar levels in control.

Another effective remedy is fenugreek. Eat this vegetable everyday or make a juice with fenugreek seeds and drink it every day. Gymnema sylvestre helps to increase insulin production and reduce blood sugar and controls diabetes in a very effective manner.

Dried powder of the fruit syzigium jambolanum is also considered the best for diabetes. Any type of preparation from this fruit helps to reduce the sugar in urine. Boil cinnamon in water and boil it till the mixture gives out strong smell of cinnamon. Drink this water 5-6 times during the day.

It helps to reduce blood sugar levels. Soyabean is also a good remedy for those suffering from diabetes. It contains protein, fibre and other nutrients which benefits diabetic persons. Gingseng, ginkobiloba and billberry herbs are also considered good for diabetes control.

Try two or three of these remedies regularly for 3-4 months and see the difference. You can use these remedies alternately with each other. Do not forget to maintain a journal for noting your blood sugar levels when you start these remedies. Remember the importance of exercise and diet control in diabetes. Exercise and yoga along with these remedies will help any person suffering from type 2 diabetes to lead a normal healthy life.