Control Diabetes- Follow A Proper Diet


Diabetes mainly affects a body when it looses its control to produce glucose for its proper functioning. Nowadays diabetes has become a very common health problem. It is actually an outcome of metabolism disorder of the body. A diabetic person faces a lot of problems in his/her daily life.
Tips To Control Diabetes It weakens the internal organs, affects the bones and causes eyesight problems. A particular injury takes a lot of time to heal in a body which has higher blood sugar level. Hence, it must be controlled before it’s too late.
Diabetes can be controlled in many ways. Apart from doing regular exercise and walking, a diabetic patient must follow a proper and timely diet plan. A proper diet chart plays a vital role in a diabetic person’s life. If diabetic people know how to control their urge for food, then they are considered to be winner in this case!
Regular Exercise Diabetic people should always have small meals in regular intervals. Leaving your stomach empty for a long time is a big NO for them. This also does not imply that they should keep galloping. Too much consumption of food is also harmful for their metabolic system. So, it is necessary to keep the meals short and simple.
Eat Frequently Foods that are rich in carbohydrate, like rice and white breads should be avoided by diabetics. If need be, they can have brown rice and brown breads instead. Apart form these they must also avoid taking junk foods. In fluids they must avoid alcohols as well as soft drinks. Alcohol, especially beer, is extremely harmful for diabetics.

Here Are Some Natural Ways To Control Your Blood Sugar Level:

Bitter gourd:

Bitter gourd works like magic for the diabetics. You can have their juice or you can also boil it to consume it directly. You can also dry some bitter guard seed and gulp them like tablets with the help of water. They also maintain the sugar level.
Bitter gourd


Fruits are very essential for the diabetics but they must avoid those fruits which are high in calories like, ripe bananas, mangoes, cherries and pomegranates.

Raw garlic:

Chew some raw garlic to control your blood sugar.

Flax seed:

This is very essential for the body. A diabetic patient’s digestive system fails to produce insulin, but if they take flax seed on a regular basis, it will instantly improve the required insulin production level in the body.