Coronary heart disease- home cure remedies

Coronary heart disease or coronary disease refers to the failure of coronary circulation to supply adequate circulation to cardiac muscle and surrounding tissue. It is the most common form of heart disease and is the most significant cause of the premature death in Europe, Russia, America, Australia and New Zealand. The risk factors of coronary diseases are smoking, diabetes, hypertension, radiotherapy to the chest and hyperlipidemia.

Home cure remedies to coronary heart disease:

Grapes: Grapes are very effective in coronary heart disease. It reduces pain and palpitation of the heart and the coronary disease can successfully be controlled if the patient is kept on grapes diet exclusively for a few days. Grape juice is very helpful for the patients who have already suffered from the heart attack. Indian gooseberry is considered as an effective remedy for heart diseases.

Apples: Apples have heart inspiring properties and the patients suffering from the weakness of the heart should intake apples liberally. Fresh apples are considered to be good for the heart. Hence loads of apples need to be consumed to prevent heart ailments.

Honey: It works as a toner for the heart and hence one need to intake a spoonful of honey regularly to keep himself away from all the heart illness. Honey restores the normal blood circulation of the body.

Onion: This is an effective home remedy for heart disease. Intake of a teaspoon of raw onion juice ion the empty stomach at morning is extremely helpful in controlling the level of blood cholesterol. By oxidizing excess cholesterol, onion helps in normalizing the percentage of blood cholesterol.

Olive Oil: Instead of groundnut oil and sunflower oil, olive oil should be used in cooking food as it diminishes the chances of bad cholesterol and boosts the chances of good cholesterol, which is why it is a very effective home remedy for coronary heart disease.

Fresh fruits and green vegetables are generally highly beneficial in treating the heart ailments. Seasonal fruits are also effective health tonics to heart illness. Furthermore, regular check-up after the age of 40 and exercises can keep the heart fit and healthy. Smoking and drinking should be avoided by all means. Stress levels should be reduced by practicing yoga and meditation. If all the above practices are followed, one can keep his heart fit and fine from all the heart ailments.