Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is a condition when coronary arteries are not able to supply blood to the heart. Clinically it is also termed as coronary artery disease. When blood supplied to the heart by coronary arteries is not sufficient, it lead to heart complications. Stiffness in breathing, palpitation, chest pain, abnormal perspiration, fatigue, mental disturbance etc are the symptoms of coronary heart disease.

There are many factors leading to this problem which include poor living pattern, metabolic disorders, unhealthy eating habits, sedentary life style, high cholesterol level in the body, mental stress and high blood pressure. A regular exercise and healthy diet can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. In order to avoid risk of coronary heart disease one should take care of his intake of vitamins and other nutrients, keep body well hydrated.

Maintaining cholesterol level of the body, a regular blood pressure check up, meditation and yoga are the factors helpful in avoiding this disease. Shortness in breathing is a main symptom of this disease. If you find any of the symptoms given above, you should consult a doctor. Avoid eating fatty foods and fast foods. Fast foods are not very healthy and they lead to a number of health complications. As heart is the most important organ of our body, the symptoms related to this disease should not be ignored and in case of any complication, consulting to a doctor is always advisable.

Though there are many medications available in the market, but the home remedies for this disease are really very helpful in avoiding the complications. These remedies are proved to be quite effective in most of the cases. If you are suffering from the high cholesterol level of the body, consumption of raw onion is very helpful. You can take onion juice while rising from the bed in the morning. This will show the amazing results in maintaining the cholesterol level of your body. A regular consumption of fresh apples is very helpful in keeping the heart free from disease. Consumption of one teaspoonful of honey daily while going to bed is very helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Apple juice and grape juice are very helpful in treatment of coronary heart disease. In case the symptoms are severe, do consult a doctor for the treatment.

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