Cough And Cold Remedies- Some Simple Cures

Cough and cold is a common health problem that mostly occurs with the change of weather. Common cough and cold virus infects the body and affects the respiratory tract, which causes much inconvenience to the victims. The sufferer faces problem to breathe normally and the nose often gets blocked and becomes runny.

Because of this syndrome, our eyes become red and watery. Due to this disorder, we face various problems such as nasal congestion, sneezing, dry cough, etc.

Causes: A study reveals that the number of people who suffer from cough and cold is increasing rapidly because of pollution and whether changes. This is a contagious disease, which means staying near a person who is already affected with cough and cold can cause transmission of the virus in your body. Your body may take time to adapt to the seasonal changes. If there is a sudden change in weather, it may result in getting affected with cough and cold.  Bathing with cold water for a long time can also cause this syndrome. Sometimes minor cough and cold transform into fever, which makes you feel weak for a long period.

Easy Cough and Cold Remedies:

We should protect ourselves from excess cold and weather changes. If we drink two glasses of hot water early morning everyday in winter, we can get relief from it. The lemon tea is one of the pleasant home cures for the disorder. Doing gargle with hot water twice every day provides good relief. Drinking a cup of tea, which is boiled with ginger, is one of the best remedies for cough and cold. One glass of hot milk every day is the best workable home remedy.

Garlic juice is also effective. It should be taken twice every day. If the children above two years of age suffer with whooping cough, orange juice and water are the best solutions. Mixture of honey with onion juice prevents from cold. Honey does work like a cough syrup. Therefore, we should take one full tablespoon of honey once daily for getting relief.

Furthermore, we should avoid smoking as it makes the condition worse