Cure Anaemia With These Effective Remedies

Anaemia is a very common disease. It affects a lot of people. You should not ignore anaemia as it can definitely hamper your productivity at work. Here are some easy tips which will cure your anaemia for sure.

Anaemia is a condition where the haemoglobin content of the blood is decreased. There are different types of anaemia. In some types of anaemia, there is destruction of red blood cells of the body. These different types of anaemia require medical treatment. But usually people suffer from iron deficiency anaemia which is caused due to deficiency of iron in the body. You can overcome this anaemia easily if you follow the following tips.

You have to make up for the iron that is lost or decreased, through your diet. You should eat a bowl full of green leafy vegetables every day. Eat spinach or fenugreek every day. It contains high amount of iron. Another easy way is to make a juice of spinach or any other green leafy vegetable. Add honey and pepper to make it sweet and spicy. This tasty juice is an iron pack drink which will boost your body’s iron levels thus will help in cure of anaemia.

Make a juice of beet root. Add lemon juice to it and some sugar. Drink this juice everyday to cure anaemia. Include iron rich fruits like apple, dates, pineapple, watermelons in diet. Taking vitamin C or folic acid tablets help to absorb iron rapidly. If you do not want to take tablets, drink lemon juice, eat Indian gooseberry fruit. It contains a lot of vitamin C.

Avoid eating refined sugar. Instead of refined sugar, use jaggery to add sweetness to your diet. Jaggery is a good source of iron which helps to increase the iron levels of your body.

Always remember that while eating iron rich food you should not drink milk, tea or eat eggs at the same time. These foods do not allow iron to be absorbed sufficiently. There are phosphates present in eggs and tannin present in tea that inhibit iron absorption. So never take milk, eggs, tea and iron rich foods together.

Follow any of the above tips regularly and it will cure your anaemia soon.