Cure Anemia Naturally


One of the main reasons of feeling over exhausted is anemia. It is a physical disorder in which number of red blood cells in the blood diminishes. Because of this hemoglobin is also low in the body and the body does not get enough oxygen. In such a situation the body feels tired, exhausted and sleepy. The most common symptoms are numbness, memory loss, depression, irritability, pale skin, brittle nails etc. Most of the times we become anemic due to nutritional deficiency. Other causes that are generally found in women are loss of blood every month during menstruation, pregnancy and other diseases like AIDS, cancer, kidney diseases and hereditary reasons. But whatever may be the causes anemia should be treated in time. There are various natural ways by which you can cure anemia naturally.

Well  Balance Diet

The most important thing in treating anemia is a well-balanced diet. It means you need to get everything through your diet. Include cereals, rice, legumes, pulses, pastas, milk, yogurt, fish, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Green leafy vegetables, beetroot, dried fruits, lentils, molasses, bran, raisins, oysters have iron in high content. Consume that in large amount. Cook your food in iron container to get more iron in food.

Animal Protien

Animal protein like kidney and liver are full of vitamin B12 which is necessary to cure anemia. Vitamin C is also necessary for the anemic people because it helps to absorb iron in the body. So add orange, lemon, and lime in your everyday diet. An apple a day really keeps the doctor away from you. Apple has high iron content. Try to consume 2-3 apples daily. It is really effective in curing anemia.

Ripe banana also prevents anemia. You can eat the edible portion of banana stem both in cooked and raw form. Just grind few pieces of banana stem and strain the juice. Drink it daily and within a week you will start getting the result. Have a spoonful of honey or black strap molasses everyday to get rid of anemia. Tomato juice also cure anemia. So if possible drink it daily to get benefited.

Visit Doctor

Curing anemia is not a tough job, a little initiative; care and balanced diet can cure it completely within about a month. But if the problem persists do not forget to visit the doctor and take his opinion.