Cure Anemia with Herbs

The condition when the hemoglobin of the blood is deficient in the body is called anemia. This deficiency of hemoglobin reduces the ability of the blood to transfer oxygen to the cells and removes carbon dioxide from the cells.

Decreased production of red cells by the bone marrow, hemolysis, blood loss, cancer therapy or chemotherapy, chronic illness, excessive intake of alcohol and smoking are some of the causes of anemia.

While smoking causes the depletion of the level of oxygen in the bloodstream, excessive intake of alcohol causes vitamin deficiency as well as inflammation anemia. Heavy menstruation can cause loss of blood thereby making the women anemic.

Some of the symptoms of anemia are shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, pale complexion, heart palpitation, excess menstruation, difficulty in breathing are some of the symptoms of anemia. However, anemia can be effectively treated with the help of herbs. Some of these herbs are as follows:

Yellow Dock: The high amount of iron and bioflavonoids present in the herb makes this herb extremely useful and beneficial for the curing of anemia.

Yellow dock is known to be extremely useful for the strengthening of the capillaries as well as the absorption of the iron, proteins as well as the other nutrition that are extremely critical for the people suffering from nutritional deficiency anemia.

Gentian Root: This herb has been used in Europe for ages for the treating of anemia that has been caused from digestive disorders. The bitter qualities of the herb aid the human body by stimulating the digestive system so that the iron and other nutrients are absorbed easily by the blood.

Alfalfa: The rich amount of vitamin K in the herb helps to promote the normal clotting of blood as well as prevents the excess flow of blood for women at the time of menstruation. Alfalfa is consumed in combination with other herbs for the building up of blood.

Dandelion roots: This herb is known to be rich in iron and vitamin B complex. The herb has been used in the treatment for anemia in China for centuries.

These are some of the vital herbs to cure anemia.

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