Cure Cholesterol Naturally


Cholesterol is a waxy and yellowish substance that is produced by the liver. Cholesterol is the main ingredient in the digestive bile. It helps to make vitamins and some hormones, build cell walls and to digest salt. Our liver produces 1000 milligrams of cholesterol everyday. So there is no need to eat cholesterol in addition. If the amount of cholesterol increases in our body various serious problems start most of which are mainly heart related problems.

causes of cholesterol may be many – high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, stress, intake of high fat diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and many more things. But with the help of an ideal diet and exercise you can solve the problem very quickly.

Low Fat Diet

Follow a low fat diet very rigorously.  If you can do some freehand exercise everyday you will surely get a quick result. Walking in the morning and evening is effective to handle cholesterol problem. Strictly avoid few foods – red meats, egg yolks, cream, butter, ice cream, coconut, potato chips, junk foods, carbonated drinks and many more things that contain high protein and fat. Stay away from alcohol and smoking.

Lean Cuts Of Meat

People with high cholesterol levelare advised to take lean cuts of meat, chicken, fish, skim or low fat milk, low fat yogurt, wheat bread, cereals noodles, fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat plenty of water because it stimulates the excretory activity of kidneys. It is no doubt a good home remedy to lower cholesterol. High fiber diet is recommended for the people with high cholesterol level.

Onion juice

Onion juice is a very effective home remedy for the cholesterol. Apart from lowering cholesterol level it helps digestive system, cleans blood, cures insomnia and regulates heart action. Crush one onion and strain the juice. Take a tablespoon of onion juice everyday.

You can also eat raw onion everyday to get the benefit. Use raw onion in salad. Make fine slices of onion and cucumber and sprinkle salt and lemon juice over it. Take this salad in large amount everyday because cucumber, onion and lemon all are very effective to keep both weight and cholesterol level low.

Coriander seed

Coriander seed also effectively lower down the cholesterol level. Boil 2 tablespoon of coriander seed in 1 glass of water. Strain the water and drink it thrice a day. You will get benefit soon. Regular intake of almonds, walnuts also lower the cholesterol level.

Cure Cholesterol Naturally