Cure Diabetes Naturally


Diabetes is one of the most common problems of today. There are two types of diabetes –   type-1 and type-2. Type -1 diabetes is a genetic defect and for which certain medication prescribed by the specialist is needed. But you can keep the type-2 diabetes at bay or can prevent it with some natural products easily. This article will help you to know about them and their uses. Diabetes

A proper diet and regular freehand exercise including walking is necessary to keep the diabetes under control. Eat carbohydrates and starchy food as little as possible. Eat rice, potato and other root type vegetables that grow under the soil as little as possible. Stay away from all types of sweets. Do not touch junk food and forget smoking.


In spite of that if you suffer from diabetes you can use some natural products to cure your diabetes. Fenugreek seed is an excellent natural medicine for diabetes. Soak about 250 grams fenugreek seeds in a container, and keep them overnight. Next morning mash those seeds and strain the mixture. Drink that everyday and you will get benefited soon. Your blood sugar level will go downwards within two months. You can also take a teaspoon fenugreek seed powder everyday accompanied with a cup of warm water every morning on empty stomach to get the same result. Okra is also beneficial for the diabetes. Wash and chop 4-5 okra into small pieces. Soak them in a cup of water, and leave them in this condition overnight. Next morning mash okra in the water and drink the whole thing.


Any type of bitter product is excellent to cure diabetes. Eat them everyday in large amount. Take a bitter melon and grind it.Strain the juice and drink it on empty stomach in the morning. You can also boil and eat bitter melon everyday. It helps to bring diabetes under control very quickly. Neem leave is also another excellent medicine for diabetes. You can crush neem leaves and can take the juice or you can take fried neem leaves. To preserve these leaves first make them dry and then crush them into fine powder. Mix a table spoon of neem powder in half cup of warm water and drink it to get benefit.

bitter melon

Other products such as Indian gooseberry, raw onion, grape juice, cucumber, cinnamon, etc. help to keep your blood sugar level low. So eat them on a regular basis to stay away from diabetes.