5 Natural Cure To Acne

5 Natural Cure To Acne

Acne is used to describe an eruptive skin ailment that is extremely common among the human beings. Nearly all of us suffer from this skin ailment at some point of time in our lives although this disease has been found to be more prevalent among the adolescents for no known reason.

However one should not be contented with the misconception that the teenagers are the ones who are going to be suffering mostly from this ailment. Acne is fast becoming more noticeable among the adults too and affects individuals regardless of gender, age or race. Acne is caused from the blocked pores of the skin and later on from the growth of bacteria in these blocked pores.

Although acne is widespread and known to all of us, the skin disease can cause severe irritation and everlasting scarring on the skin if it is left untreated. The best way to cure acne is through natural methods as the natural ways are much softer on the skin and can cure the problem in a much more effective way.


Diet To Reduce Acne

Diet is the best way of dealing with acne. Just avoid any kind of sweets as well as oily foods and start consuming fiber rich foods, whole grains and healthy foods.


Garlic To Reduce Acne

Garlic is known to have numerous anti-bacterial properties which help in the killing of the bacteria that are responsible for the growth of acne. The individuals have to crush the garlic and apply it to the affected areas. After it gets dried up, the area must be washed with the help of cold water.

Castor oil

Castor oil is known as an effective natural remedy for acne. Firstly, one needs to clean the skin surface properly and then apply castor oil in small quantity on to the surface of the affected area, just before going to sleep. Wash the skin with cold water early in the morning.

Castor Oil To Reduce Acne


Consume lots of water. Water is extremely beneficial for the skin and has the ability to cure acne in a successful way.

Drink Water To Reduce Acne


Apply a little of toothpaste directly on the affected area of the skin. Wash it off after sometime. Toothpaste can successfully shrink and heal the acne.

Toothpaste To Reduce Acne

Natural Cure To Acne