Cure for Body Rash

Body rash is nothing but it is a sensation of itching and burning. When a person is stuck in this particular skin problem it is quiet possible that his entire body might get affected. Various symptoms are tingling, itching, pain etc.

These body rashes mainly occurs in summers which is caused due to sweat which causes skin problem like itching and burning. These body rashes can also be caused due to some creams or foods items which are allergic. Other main causes are fabric or cloth allergies, eczema, chicken pox, lice, fungal infection etc. for this home remedies are considered to be the best of all. Olive oil acts as a natural healing element for skin disorder and helps as an effective way. You can apply some drops of oil directly or can make a mixture while adding some water into it.

Washing the area with chamomile tea also give instant relief from itching and burning. You can also apply cod liver oil, vitamin E, Aloe Vera in the form of a gel as they help in curing this problem. Consume food containing vitamin C like lemon, oranges etc. as they contains an antioxidant property which helps in curing it. Wear loose clothes in summers that will help in getting rid from sweat.