Cure For High Blood Cholesterol

Say no to smoking. Smoking and intake of tobacco are major threats for a patient suffering from high blood cholesterol. Though addiction to smoking is a difficult thing to be treated but you can do it by eating fruits etc in your daily diet. Eat healthy and digestive food items and there should be a proper schedule for it. Fiber is an essential body nutrient so you should have it in good quantity. You can have vegetables which are rich in fiber.

A very effective herbal remedy is intake of water and methi powder. It should be taken before eating anything so morning would be the best time for it.

Try to remain free of mental tensions. This is the most effective treatment and helps in healing various other diseases. You can do some yoga exercises for this and also can do meditation.

Physical exertion is one of the most common treatments suggested for this problems especially cardiovascular exercise. It helps a lot in improving the heart and other affected body parts. You can do morning walk, it’s really effective.

You can intake a mixture of lemon juice and honey along with warm water. It is a good treatment if taken empty stomach especially in morning.

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