Cure Pimples at Home With Simple Remedies

Pimples can scar your skin and leave deep fissures on the surface of the skin. In order to prevent this you must look at remedies that help to prevent pimples from forming on your skin. Pimples can also be painful if they are filled with pus and they give you the urge to pop them; however I must warn you that popping a pimple increases the risk of marks on your face. If you notice pimples forming on your skin regularly then you need to improve your skin care routine, take care of your diet as well as maintain hygiene.

Let’s start with the skin care regime. If your skin is prone to pimples then you must avoid using too many products on your face. Do not use any products that have inbuilt fragrances or artificial fragrances in them. The fragrance in the products could be the cause of constant pimple eruption. Instead use a mild anti septic soap to wash your face. Do not use any other products on your skin until the pimples stop erupting on your skin.

A faulty diet could also be the cause of pimples forming on your skin. Eating foods that are processed with high amounts of oil, those that are rich in animal fats and carbohydrates are bad for your skin. Eating huge amounts of chocolates is also detrimental to your skin. Your diet must consist of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy veggies as well as minerals and vitamins that will help to improve your complexion.

Basic hygiene is also very important if you want to keep your skin clear and free from pimples. Make it a point to change your towel daily. Wash all your clothes in mild detergent that does not have added fragrances; there is a possibility that the residual detergent on the fabric is leading to the pimples on your skin. Wash your clothes in warm water in order to eliminate all the bacteria from the garments. Change all your garments daily including your undergarments.