6 Home Remedies For Runny Nose


6 Remedies For Runny Nose

Runny nose is extremely annoying and most frustrating. It is unstoppable and maddening at times. Runny nose is mostly the result of viral infection and cold and flu are the main culprits of runny nose.

Besides these, other reasons like air pollution, allergies, nasal decongestants are also some of the causes of runny nose. Nevertheless, runny nose can be easily cured. Here are some of the home remedies of

Home Remedies For Runny Nose


Fruit Juice For Runny Nose

Intake of plenty of fluids not only helps you to keep hydrated but also helps in the thinning of the mucus. Water is best for runny nose. Consume lots of water. Besides water, drink plenty of juices as well as non-caffeinated beverages. It helps in the speeding up of the recovery from flu as well as runny nose.

Salt Water Treatment

Take a glass of water and boil it. Now add two tablespoons of salt in the water and breathe in the steam. With the inhalation of the steam, the secretions are removed and the mucous is taken out.

Water Steam For Runny Nose

Honey Lime Mixture

Take one cup of water and warm it. Add one tablespoon of honey and three to four drops of fresh lime juice in the water, mix it and drink the solution while it is still warm. Honey helps to relieve the runny nose as well as the cough of the individual who is having it.

Honey Lime For Runny Nose

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Ginger is extremely helpful for the relieving of the runny nose. Take some ginger and cut it into small pieces. Now chew the small pieces of ginger. You can add a little bit of salt to taste. It helps in the draining of the nose and in maintaining of the normal body temperature.

Ginger For Runny Nose

Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower also helps in the dealing with runny nose. While bathing in hot shower, the individual having runny nose should inhale the steam. The hot steam helps in the unclogging of the nose and also kills the virus that is responsible for the runny nose.

Hot Shower For Runny Nose

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is also helpful for runny nose. Chew gum preferably mint flavored every now and then.

Chewing Gum For Runny Nose