Cure Syphilis Symptoms with Herbal Cure

Syphilis is a sexually passed on ailment that is reached out by bacteria and viruses. This disease is time and again misdiagnosed as the syphilis symptoms often look like a different health problem. The usually first symptom that an individual face starts off with is the genital sores. These genital sores might or might not be painful.

Swelling can also take place in the genital region and this swelling is isolated to lymph nodes. If any individual faces a variety of syphilis symptoms, then he must need immediate medical attention before the things get worse for him. There are a lot of herbal cures for syphilis symptoms.

In general, syphilis symptoms are acquired either through infection or it might be inherited. The syphilis infection spreads either through sexual intercourse or by handling the articles infected by the person who has the disease.

Curing syphilis symptoms with herbal solutions:

Corchorus Fascicularis: Get ten gms of Hirankhuri booti (Corchorus Fascicularis) and grind it. Mix it with water and furthermore combine five grains of pepper in it. Then the mixture has to be strained. Consume this mixture for around 3 weeks. This is an effective herbal cure for syphilis symptoms.

Yellow Thistle: One has to take 10 grams of the root of Yellow Thistle (Satyanasi) and ground it in water. 5 grains of pepper is to be added to it. This mixture needs to be consumed at least for some weeks in order to get the result.

Nigand Babri: One has to take 20 grams of nigand babri and 10 grains of pepper and steep it in a glass of water overnight. Drink this mixture after straining it, next day. This is a successful remedy for syphilis symptoms.

Blue Vitriol: Blue Vitriol is a valuable cure for syphilis symptoms. The calx of Blue Vitriol should be consumed in the dose of one decigram for two times everyday either with butter or with cream. After taking the dose, the patient must not drink water for a few hours.

Indian Pennywort: This herb helps to alleviate the ulcers that take place with syphilis symptoms.

Indian mallow: Indian mallow is an effective herb that is used for soothing skin lesions and ulcers that occur with syphilis.