4 Natural Cure To Toothache


Natural Cure To Toothache

Toothache is one of the commonest problems. It can gear up at any time. Tooth ache can happen to anyone whether he is old or young though young people are prone to this problem because they love to eat sweet products like chocolate, cakes, pastries, fizzy drinks, etc. in good quantity everyday.The main cause of toothache is the decay of the tooth. Bacteria in the mouth breaks remains of the food into acid and this acid accompanied with calcium damages your teeth. Toothache is very painful and it should be treated from the very primary level. Do not ignore toothache because if it takes serious form it will be really a serious problem. You can treat tooth ache at your home with natural product. This article may help you in this matter.

Salt water is very good to cure toothache. Boil water and mix salt in it. Wash inside of the mouth with warm salty water 3-4 times a day. Salt helps to kill bacteria and warmth gives relief in pain. Garlic is another excellent product which helps to kill bacteria. Crush few cloves of garlic and apply that on the affected area. Raw garlic helps to kill bacteria and it helps to reduce pain.

Garlic Raw onion juice also helps to reduce pain killing the bacteria. Green leaves of guava are also good for the health of the tooth. Crush them and apply it on your pain. It will be cured. Burn few leaves of guava and use the ash as toothpowder. Your tooth will be healthy in few days.

Raw Onion Lime is a good source of vitamin C. Regular intake of lime keeps your teeth as well as all bones well. Do not throw away the outer rind of lemon. Burn and rub your teeth with the ash of it. This helps to cure all types of tooth problems including toothache and bleeding of gums. Mix a pinch of asafetida and lemon juice and apply it on the ache.

Lime It will get benefited. Clove helps to reduce pain and kills ache creating bacteria. Clove oil is available in the market. Take some raw clove oil, soak a small cotton ball and place that where is aching. Clove oil effectively reduces pain very quickly. Black peppercorn powder accompanied with salt also reduces pain.Practice these natural products and get benefited. But if the matter takes serious turn, do visit doctor.