Cure your Allergies with Herbs and Natural Treatments

There are some people who suffer from allergies that are related to the environment and then there are others who are allergic to certain types of food.

Lactose intolerance, eggs and certain vegetables are the most common allergies. Avoiding these foods is definitely the best way to prevent an allergic attack; however there are certain circumstances when you may not be aware of a certain product in your food and this may lead to an allergic attack. In order to avoid this it is best to look at herbal alternatives and foods to help you reduce the risk of an attack as well as to reduce the symptoms and prevent a severe attack.

Herbal remedies for food allergies

There are certain herbs that are helpful in reducing the possibilities of food allergies and attacks. When you are using herbs as a remedy for allergies you will need to choose the right herbs. To do this you will first need to understand the side effects and the symptoms of the allergic attack. If the allergy leads to a skin breakout or itching sensation in the skin then turmeric will help you to reduce the effects of the allergy. You can add the herb to your food preparations. If your allergy is not lactose related then you can drink a cup of milk and add a pinch of the herb and honey to the milk and drink it warm.

If the allergic reaction leads to a runny nose, watery discharge from the eyes and congestion in the nose and suffocation then thyme and licorice will come to the rescue. In this case you can add both the herbs to a cup of tea and let he herbs infuse in the tea. Add honey to sweeten the tea and drink it warm. 2 cups a day will help you to prevent allergy attacks.

If the allergies cause any sort of skin conditions then adding vitamin C to your daily diet will help you to reduce the symptoms. Oranges are rich in vitamin C.

Strawberries too have a good amount of vitamin C in them. You can also increase you intake of other vitamins as they will help to boost your immune system thereby making your body immune to allergies.