Cures For Dry Skin – Effective Herbal Remedies

Skin forms the outside physical barrier of our body and it saves us from the environmental toxins. Due to lack of humidity in winter, the problem of dry skin mainly occurs. Skin, which is a vital part of the body, regulates body temperature and can sense pain and stimulation as well.

Thighs, arms, side of the abdomen, and area around eyes are mostly affected by this disorder. Dry skin causes irritation in mind and body and it leads to stress. For that reason, you should learn about the causes and solutions of the problem.

Dry skin causes:

  • During winter, skin becomes dry due to lack of humidity
  • Repeated use of  deodorant, shampoo, soaps, and detergent can cause this syndrome
  • Staying near heated elements like heated woods or burning stoves can dry your skin
  • Sometimes the oil gland of the skin stops to supply the amount of oil that our skin needs. For that reason our skin becomes dry
  • The skin loses moisture when it is affected by pollution
  • Daily use of hot water during bathing is not good for skin. For this reason, the skin may become dry
  • If anybody is suffering from diarrhea, vomiting or high fever, he/she can face the dry skin syndrome
  • Excessive use of coffee and alcohol can make skin dry

Here are some essential herbal remedies to get rid from this disorder:

Cures for Dry Skin-Effective remedies: Massage your dry skin area with almond oil and olive oil regularly as it will provide you relief. To avoid dryness on your face, put a warm water-soaked towel on your face some for ten minutes and then massage with grape seed oil around the face. Repeat this remedy everyday. You can also rub aloe vera jel and castor oil on the dry areas of your skin to get relief. Furthermore, add some milk into your bathing water at least once in a month. It will add moisture on your skin and will not live it dry.

Eating the green vegetable is very essential to reduce the dry skin problem because such diet will induce the required amount of vitamin A, B and E in the body. The blood circulation of your body is improved by regular physical exercise and it is also helpful to avoid the skin problems like dry skin.

If you follow the above remedies, you will overcome the syndrome.

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