Cures for Ear Aches and Infections

Pregnant women and children suffer from ear aches. This is due to the lowered immunity levels at this phase in life. Most infections can be cured at home and do not need any anti biotic care. There are several preventive measures as well to prevent the infections from spreading.

Despite common belief; when you suffer from an ear ache or infection you can use oil in your ears. Olive oil or coconut oil will help to ease the discomfort by loosening the ear wax that causes the infection. Warm the oil by placing the bottle hot water. Pour 2 to 3 drops of the warm oil in each ear to get rid of the pain.

If you are outdoors then you must close your ears and prevent wind form entering into it. Wear a cap that covers your ears or place cotton balls in your ears. You could also dip the cotton ball in warm oil and place it in your ears.

If the ear infection has caused the surrounding areas to get swollen or you notice any form of inflammation or skin discoloration then you must use onion juice on the outside portion of your ear and the area surrounding it.

A warm compress will help to reduce the pain. Use a hot water bottle on the ear to safely get rid of the pain.

If the ear ache is accompanied with pressure being exerted on your ear and surrounding tissues then you must use steam inhalation to reduce your discomfort. If the skin on the back of the ear shows signs of discoloration then you must rub lavender essential oil on your skin. Dilute the essential oil with olive oil or almond oil before you use it directly on your skin.

Immerse your entire body in a warm bath and add lavender oil or orange essential oil to the water to get rid of the pain.

Eat plenty of garlic as the anti bacterial property and the anti inflammatory property of the herb will prevent the infection from spreading.

Avoid eating foods like peanut butter, citrus fruits, refined sugar and corn when you are suffering with an ear infection as these foods increase the intensity of the pain and spread the infection.