Curing back pains with aromatherapy

Back pain along with head ache is one of the widespread and most serious types of pain experienced in the present times. In ancient times, use of plants and herbs was very important to cure every type of disease including pain. This old, ancient way of treatment is now labeled as “Aromatherapy”. In aromatherapy, the use of different types of herbal oil is phenomenal. There are a number of aromatherapy treatments that help in both alleviating and curing back pain.Massage: One needs to massage the entire back particularly concentrating on the “hot spots” or areas of particular pain and carefully preventing any sort of application of pressure over the spine. A help from someone is required as it is difficult to massage the entire back all by him. Putting two tennis ball inside a sock and gently rolling them on the back (except spine area) is also a good alternative.

The mixture and the massage can be made more effective by adding twelve drops of ginger, five drops of juniper and eight drops of either rosemary for stimulating effect or lavender for a calming effect along with carrier oil. Other oils used in aromatherapy for effective remedy from acute pain are eucalyptus, black pepper, birch, marjoram, chamomile etc.

Arthcare oil: Massaging with Arthcare oil gives fast relief as this oil spreads anti-oxidants that cure back pain. One has to rub the area with Arthcare oil and the massage with this oil helps to fix the displaced muscles and ligaments.

Both medical and herbal treatments are available to cure the backache. In aromatherapy herbal oil are used in curing the problems which, in general, is supposed to be a better alternative as there are no adverse effects as found in medical treatments. The roots of ginger help in lessening the pain and soreness of the back and restrain the creation of prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which are responsible for the ache and swelling of the back. Aromatherapy in a way always helps to avoid any sort of muscular problem in the long run as the physical health of a person is maintained by using different herbal oil therapies, which do not have any side effects.