5 Home Remedies For Head Injuries


5 Remedies For Head Injuries

By the word “head injury”, we mean, wound to the head. This may or may not affect the brain. Minor head injuries are quite common and occur quite often among the kids in particular. In fact, the head injury is a trauma that can lead to the injuries of the scalp, skull or the brain. This injury can range from minor bump to the skull to the serious injury of the brain.

Home Remedies For Head Injury

Ice packs

Head injury requires immediate attention. Ice packs are a useful remedy for numbing the pain and decrease the swelling and bruising of the head. One must not keep the ice packs on for more than ten minutes at a stretch.

Ice Packs For Head Injuries


Rest is one of the best ways in dealing with head injuries. There is no specific treatment to head injuries and the best way to combat the nausea and vomiting that might be the result of head injury is by resting.

Rest For Head Injuries

Pain killers

After the head injury, if one visits the doctor, he might be prescribed with some mild pain killers if there is a headache and anti-nausea tablets if he is suffering from nausea and vomiting. He would be asked not to eat and drink at least for sometime. If there is a pain in the neck due to the injury, the patient might be asked to perform x-ray of the neck and a CT scan might also be required.

Pain killers For Head Injuries


One must totally stop smoking cigarettes after he has a head injury. Doctors strictly advise the patients to stop smoking after a head injury. It might cause an adverse impact upon the health of the person concerned.

Avoid Smoking For Head Injuries


One must not drink alcohol within 48 hours of a serious head injury. Again, it has been recently proven that the persons who have consumed small quantities of alcohol before the head injury have 24% better chance of life than those who have been abstaining or not drinking.  Actually secondary brain injury has the ability to immobilize or take the life of a patient. Little quantities of alcohol in the system can decrease the level of secondary brain damage.

Avoid Drinking For Head Injuries

These above home remedies, if followed initially and carefully can reduce the level of injury of the head and help the patient to slowly come back to the normal life.

Remedies For Head Injuries