Curing sleep apnea naturally

Sleep apnea is a disease where breathing stops briefly and gets blocked numerous times in the night while sleeping. It is a common disorder and can be very serious in nature. It is actually a sleeping mess that is distinguished by gap on breathing while sleeping.Natural cure of sleep apnea:

Lose Weight and quit smoking: One of the best remedies to sleep apnea is to quit smoking if he is a smoker and to lose at least 8 to 10 lbs if he is overweight. Extra weight creates an obstruction in breathing.

Quit alcohol and sleeping pills: One must always avoid drugs and alcohol in dealing with sleep apnea. Both of these help in slowing down the respiratory system thereby causing sleep apnea.  According to some medical practitioners, change in the position of sleeping can again resume the regularity in breathing.

Sleep on back: Sleeping on the back must be avoided. In this way of sleeping, the tongue might fall back into the airways thereby creating an obstruction. Hence, one must try to sleep laterally.

Polyscomnography: This is a diagnostic test that measures and records the number of physiologic variables that take place during the time when one is asleep. Diagnosing these problems could help in treating the same.

Use pillows: Pillows must be used in order to keep the level of the head raised and not lay flat. Some pillows are designed with a hole in the middle. Patients suffering from sleep apnea should try those pillows so that the head rests in the hole and prevents the airways from getting blocked.

Vervain remedy: This is a flower remedy. The dry herb form of this herb can be made into tea. Intake of this tea promotes a calming and relaxing effect on the individual concerned.

Exercise regularly: The chronic condition of sleep apnea responds well to the combination of weight loss and regular exercise. Daily exercise cannot only help in treating sleep apnea but also improves the quality of sleep and the general health of an individual.

Gargle: Tonsils can also be a cause of the disease. Gargling with luke warm salt water twice daily can shrink the tonsils and thereby provide a remedy for the disease.