Curing your allergy naturally

Could you be suffering from an allergy and not knowing it? Were those sneezes or rashes an allergic reaction to something you ate or did? Don’t worry. A hurried trip to the doctor can be avoided. You never know, your kitchen cabinet at home could be of some help.

What can cause you an allergy? Dust, (freely available everywhere!), dust mites, pollens in grass and even food additives that don’t exactly appear allergic can cause an allergy. An allergy causing condition or thing increases the toxins in the body resulting in varied symptoms of an allergy. Different conditions cause different allergies. But, common allergy symptoms are shortness of breath, dizziness, swelling, vomiting, eczema and even depression.

Know of any remedies that can even temporarily give you some relief? There are many. Some of them are:

· Ginger – This is an effective nature cure that reduces histamine secretion, the main cause of most allergies.
· Another allergy cure is a concoction of 3-5 drops of castor oil in half a cup of water (or vegetable juice, fruit juice) on an empty stomach every morning.
· Allergies caused by bug bites can be cured by vinegar diluted with a little water.
· For any general kind of allergy, half a teaspoon of limejuice mixed with honey in slightly warm water can be used effectively.
· A soothing nature cure for an allergy is the application of sandalwood paste for about half an hour on the affected area.
· Henna is also very useful for allergy symptoms like boils and soreness.

An allergy can be very irritating and painful. In our anxiety to reduce the discomfort we could get too stressed out. A visit to the doctor for an allopathic cure is not always the ideal way out. At such times, all it requires is a peep into nature’s kitchen!