Cyst in Ovary During Pregnancy- How to Treat Naturally

It is extremely painful for the pregnant mother to have an ovarian cyst at the time of pregnancy. These cysts are found in all shapes and sizes and are not uncommon to the pregnant mothers.

A lot of women can have these cysts before, during and after pregnancy and a huge number of them are small and can go away on their own. However, the bigger cysts are the ones that are needed to be worried about.

Most of the cysts are benign and can disappear within a few months on their own even without treatment but there are some with small percentage which are malignant in nature and can cause serious trouble.

The cysts in the ovary are fluid-filled sac that is quite alike the blisters that are found on the surface of the ovary. Normally these cysts are full of fluids but these cysts can also have blood and tissues in it. Here are some of the ways to treat the ovarian cysts in a natural way:

Drink water: Intake plenty of water in a day. It not only helps to swell the lower abdomen but also aids by reducing the pressure on the ovaries. Although the expected moms might be hitting for the bathroom more, it would be for a little while as when the stored water is expelled from the body, fresh water replaces it and the bathroom breaks are going to return to normal.

Hot water bottle: Place a hot water bottle or a heating pad on the pelvic area. It helps to give you immediate relief from the pain. Just wrap the heating pad or the water bottle in a plastic wrap that one can take from the kitchen and place it on to the affected area. It helps to keep the heat in the localized region of the abdomen where it is needed most.

Herbal teas: Herbal teas are also known to play a vital role in the alleviation of the pain that can rise from the cysts. Just consume some herbal teas when you feel the pain. It helps in the soothing of the pain and also helps to relieve the stress.