Dandruff Cure With Proper Diet

Diet plays an important role for treating dandruff. The type of food that we eat is largely responsible for the development of dandruff. On certain days, we find that we have bad dandruff days while on other days there are not so bad dandruff days. It is mainly due to the food that we consume the previous night. It affects the scalp that in turn builds up the dead skin. There are a number of foods that increase the rate of the production of dandruff.

The toxin based food should always be avoided. Antibiotics, sugar, milk, carcinogens, vaccinations, etc. are toxic foods of the body that can lead to the development of dandruff. Also the foods like refined salt, chlorinated water, pesticides, sugarcane, corn syrup, chocolates, refined oil, sweeteners, baking powder, junk food, dry and hard bovine milk cheese, fried smoked and grilled food, soft drinks and alcohol should be totally avoided in order to make one free from dandruff. Instead the following food should be consumed for effective dandruff cure:

Green vegetables: The fresh green vegetables are not only healthy for the body but are also hale and hearty for the scalp. The consumption of green vegetables will put the body more into the alkaline state and increase the consumption of water and this in turn will help the scalp from clearing of the dandruff. With the body turning into alkaline state, it becomes much healthier for moisturized skin. Vegetables juices are healthy for scalp. Also, fruit juice is also helpful for the scalp and helps to prevent dandruff.

Protein-rich food: Lean meat, beans and fish are foods that are rich in proteins. Proteins are vital for healthy hair, strong body as well as healing conditions. Proteins are helpful for scalp and the growth of healthy hair besides the toning of muscles of the body. Beans are rich in vitamins and are also full of proteins that are beneficial for both scalp and hair.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are those fatty foods that are excellent for the scalp and hair growth. Deficiency of these fatty acids can cause eczema, loss of hair, drying up of glands, growth retardation, and weakness. Unrefined sea salt and intake of plenty of water helps the growth of hair and have a healthy scalp.

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